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Lash Designer and Trainer

Offering Specialized Services and Certified Workshops

  • Eyelash extension service and training

  • Lash-lift services and training
  • Brow/lash tint services and training

Member NEESA - National Eyelash Education & Safety Association

BAALA - Be An Amazing Lash Artist

Retains the following Certificates:

Certified Lash Master Educator - Lash Mastery group

Certified Amazing Lash Artist - Lash Mastery group

Certified Volume Lash Extension Stylist - Lash Academy

Elleebana Lash Lift and Belmacil Certified Trainer

Microblade Artist Certified

  • Must abide Covid precautions
  • Please arrive in a timely manner
  • Consider traffic
  • Late arrivals with no communication 10 minutes will be automatically canceled. 15 minute arrivals will need to be rescheduled.
  • Parking validation for time of service.
  • Parking is located on the lower 3rd and 4th floors take the parking elevator to lobby on the left off the elevator take the lobby elevator to 11th floor suite #1101
  • Please note this is a one person business appointments are accommodated one at a time book accordingly.
  • Phone calls and voice mails are not responded to as a service or training may in progress please text.
  • For your convenience you are invited to take advantage of our on-line booking system and qualify for Book on-line savings.

Services and Certifed Workshops