• A list of select products and supplies will be required to be personally provided in preparation for your on location makeup artist set up


Models may be required per session. Be prepared to purchase odds and ends to complete your makeup station set up the list will be reviewed during day one. As part of the training to prepare for on location makeup work.

Along with homework assignments to include submissions photos of your work between classes to validate skills learned during training.

Your appearance, professionalism, attitude, makeup set up/breakdown sanitation model interaction and timing will be accessed. you will be responsible to ensure your model shows up on time. Be prepared for series of verbal and handwritten quizzes, homework, projects and technical to qualify for certification. 


Private contact for pricing

Five 2.5 hour sessions

Starter brush set and makeup kit included

Share with your friend each contact for pricing

Five 3-hour sessions



Intended for those with little or no experience.

  • Brush strokes 101
  • Learn the 5 important consultation questions to assist you in creating the look your client is seeking.
  • Create a balanced brow the importance of mapping each clients brow
  • Introduction to color theory and how to apply this knowledge to Make-up Artistry
  • Contouring and hi-lighting
  • Detailed Eye shadow placement to creating clean evening and dramatic, smokey eyes that will enhance any eye shape
  • Understanding and learning the importance of eye sets and how it could make or break your eye design
  • Market your self
  • Create your business card
  • Create your website



For those with little or no makeup experience.

  • Just Eyes
  • Enhance Your Fabulous Face

Services and Certifed Workshops